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Ian Brown

2014 AORE President

Letter from the President


As the Past President of the Board, I had the distinct pleasure of serving alongside a dedicated volunteer and staff leadership team during 2014. What a momentous year it was for the Association too. The combined leadership team developed and approved a new strategic plan, strengthened the resources for the work groups tasked with carrying out the Strategic Plan, and implemented new financial policies to help grow future financial successes.

The new Strategic Plan for the Association is the product of over 1,000 hours of research, stakeholder investigation, and listening tours. Advocacy, Organizational Health, Relationship Engagement, and Education are the four key areas known as strategic pillars that uphold the core values and operationalize the mission of the organization.

To help get the hard work done of the Strategic Plan, the leadership team once again called upon the strong volunteer base of AORE. In order for these volunteers to have a successful year, we invited the leaders of the Association to a half-day pre-conference meeting, dubbed the Leadership Institute. The Leadership Institute provided leaders throughout AORE the context and resources they needed to kickstart the conversation and develop action plans within their working groups.

In tandem with the Strategic Plan and leadership development was the strengthening of the Association's financial infrastructure in 2014. The year prior, the membership passed a key bylaw change that loosened financial investment restrictions and freed the Board of Directors to invest in higher yield accounts. The Financial Advisory Committee helped the board navigate the waters to sound financial policies that help protect and grow the nest egg the Association has worked so hard to develop over the years.

Although many of these initiatives have already been started, there is still much work to do. Under the current President, Guy deBrun, AORE will continue to flourish in the momentum, but not without the continued aid of dedicated volunteers and donations that help support the mission and further development of the industry. Again, thank you for the opportunity to serve in such a capacity, and I look forward to continuing my service in the role of Past President.


Ian R. Brown

President of the Board


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