AORE Annual Report 2014 - Page 13


We are pleased to share that in 2014 Landmark Learning became the first school dedicated to the certification training of outdoor educators to be recognized by the US Department of Education through the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training ( We are further excited to announce that this has led to GI Bill opportunities for our WFR, WEMT and Landmark Semester students.

Since 1996, our focus has been to advance the profession of outdoor education by aligning with and participating in national curriculum development for wilderness and urban medical care, water rescue, paddling, and environmental sustainability. Our relationships with the NOLS Wilderness Medicine Institute, American Canoe Association, the Starfish Aquatics Institute, and Leave No Trace have been key to our success and ability to integrate our educational programs for our students.

Landmark Learning now has the opportunity to directly provide college credit to universities and colleges. In addition, we support numerous credit acceptance relationships with colleges directly within their academic programs. Some of these schools allow for non-students to register for college credit through their continuing education departments.

Funding opportunities for Landmark courses are varied, and we are continually seeking new avenues for students to manage tuition and living costs. Landmark Learning gives gift certificates for student discounts to the

conferences we support annually. Landmark Learning students can also utilize their earned AmeriCorps funds for tuition and college credit.

In April of 2014, the Landmark Foundation was created as a North Carolina non-profit. The Landmark Foundation is currently under review for 501c3 not for profit status. The goal of the Landmark Foundation is to cultivate and deliver scholarships to students attending Landmark Learning programs throughout the country. The foundation will focus on alumni and charitable giving as well as grant writing to further support our ever-growing student population.

Hitting the Mark

Landmark Learning becomes first to be reconized by the US Department of Education.

By: Justin Padgett, Executive Director, Landmark Learning