AORE Annual Report 2014 - Page 11

Emerging Leaders

First annual AORE Leadership Institute hosted at the national conference in Portland, Oregon.

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I would say 2014, to AORE, was a very productive year. I am, in no way by any sense, inferring that the other years have not been as productive but to me, 2014 was a unique year for the Association. During the mid-year BOD meetings in Ann Arbor, MI in June, (the first time the mid-year took place at the AORE National Office) the Board, with the help of the NEW (Non-Profit Enterprises at Work) Center, crafted a five year strategic plan based on survey results from the membership. It was during this mid-year retreat that the idea of an AORE Leadership Institute was born. This was going to be a one day pre-conference affair in Portland, OR where anyone who had been active in the association would be invited to deliberate on the strategic plan and its implementation within AORE moving forward. Committee chairs, co-chairs, and any other member of the association who had dedicated time and energy to moving it forward were invited.

The BOD arrived in Portland three days before the conference, and were joined by those who were available to attend the Leadership Institute the day before the conference. The Leadership Institute started with a hearty lunch and then the BOD got into bringing everyone up to speed on what had been accomplished with the strategic plan since the mid-year meeting. Then the participants in the Leadership Institute were given the opportunity to look at the plan and dig into it. By evening, the whole team had ownership of the document which was later presented to the membership. The work did not end there as the strategic plan was further shared with different committees, and their feedback was incorporated as well.

In conclusion, I feel the Leadership Institute was a really good vehicle that helped move the product of membership wishes back to them so that they can look at it, tweak it, and bring it back to the BOD for the final roll out. While the final product is just around the corner, there was no better way than to use the Leadership Institute to broaden the reach and ownership of the strategic plan to the membership. We should continue having this Leadership Institute each year, so look out for an invite!

By: Albert Mitugo