AORE Annual Report 2013 - Page 4

2013 AORE ANNUAL REPORT Letter from the Executive Director   Dear  Membership,     Capacity  building,  as  defined  by  the  National  Council  of  Nonprofits,  is  an  investment  in   the  future  sustainability  of  a  nonprofit.    Capacity  building  is  not  just  about  a  nonprofit  today  –  it’s   about  its  future.    AORE  invested  in  2013  into  five  distinct  project  areas  including  Human   Resources,  Governance  Education,  Technology,    Fiscal  Operations  and  Conference–  all  to  build   the  capacity  for  AORE  to  effectively  deliver  its  mission  in  the  future.           In  May,  AORE  hired  Hannah  Cooley  as  its  first  full  time  Office  Manager  and  Membership   Coordinator.    In  this  professional  position,  the  AORE  has  further  expanded  AORE’s  National   Office  hours  to  40  hours  a  week,  50  weeks  a  year.      In  addition  to  running  the  operations  for  the   organization  and  assisting  with  the  conference,  the  National  Office  developed  a  membership   structure  proposal  necessary  to  the   future  success  of  the  association.     This  membership  structure  passed  at   the  Annual  Business  Meeting  and  is   in  response  to  the  growth  trend  in   the  association.  This  change  acutely   addresses  the  unique  needs  of  the   student  member,  and  enables  the   board  and  Executive  Director  to   responsibly  plan  for  the  future.       Starting  in  July,  AORE   technology  was  completely  overhauled.    The  National  Office  changed  the  email  provider,  which   has  eliminated  crashes  and  downtime  and  increased  storage  and  the  ability  to  add  attachments.     The  AORE  listserv  provider  was  updated  which  will  increase  member  service  and  satisfaction   moving  AORE  away  from  an  antiquated  product.    The  entire  AORE  membership  database   transitioned  through  two  providers  until  successful  implementation.    This  new  database  allows   the  National  Office  current  and  downloadable  membership  metrics  for  decision-­‐making  and   member  services.    Finally,  AORE’s  website  was  converted  to  a  new  provider  which  allows  for   timely  updates  without  surcharges,  improved  layout  and  increased  functionality.           The   AORE   made   significant   changes   in   its   accounting   and   fiscal   operations   during   2013.    In  May,  the  Financial  Advisory  Committee  charter  was  approved,  and  members  can  provide   advice  and  support  in  the  oversight  of  AORE’s  financial  management,  including  the  development   of   sound   and   consistent   methodology   for   AORE   budgeting   process.   The   charter   ensures   that   complete,   accurate   financial   records   are   maintained,   and   establishes   and   reviews   policies   for   reserves   and   for   investments.     AORE   had   a   full   financial   audit   and   received   a   favorable   determination  of  our  operations  and  systems.    The  audit  led  to  transitioning  AORE  from  a  cash  to   an   accrual   accounting   method   which   provides   a   more   accurate   snapshot   of   AORE’s   finances   at   any   given   time.     It   also   means   AORE   committed   and   converted   to   these   new   operations   as   a   baseline  moving  forward.       3