AORE Annual Report 2013 - Page 13

2013 AORE COMMITTEES & UPDATES Access & Perm itting Com m ittee The  Access  &  Permitting  Committee  works  to  ensure  that  the  members  of  the  Association  continue  to  have   reasonable  access  to  public  lands  and  waterways.    They  provide  information  and  education  to  the   membership  around  access,  permitting,  and  good  stewardship  practices  on  public  lands.    They  develop  and   maintain  good  relationships  between  AORE  and  land  agencies  that  our  membership  utilizes,  and   collaborate  with  other  organizations  that  have  similar  land-­‐use  issues.   2013  Successes:   • • • • Hosted  daylong  access  symposium  at  the   2013  AORE  Conference.    In  attendance   were  national  representatives  from  the  US   Forest  Service,  Bureau  of  Land   Management,  the  National  Park  Service,   The  Wilderness  Society,  Outdoor  Alliance,   and  the  Federal  Interagency  Council  on   Recreation.   Development  of  permitting  database  in  collaboration  with  the  National  Forest  Access  Coalition,   and  the  Wilderness  Society.   Partnership  with  the  National  Park  Service  to  establish  an  MOU.   The  Executive  Director  of  AORE,  Jeannette  Stawski,  traveling  to  the  Great  Outdoor  America  Week   in  Washington  D.C.  to  meet  with  congress  members  about  access  and  permit  issues.   Awards Com m ittee The  Awards  Committee  annually  recognizes  work,  or  leadership  in  the  field  of  outdoor  recreation  and   education,  including  contributions  to  the  Association,  which  are  far  beyond  the  ordinary  and  which  have   had  a  significant  and  lasting  impact  on  the  Association,  and  its  mission.  The  committee  also  coordinates   the  Professional  Development  Scholarships.     2013  Successes  &  Upcoming  Highlights:   • • • • Added  one  new  professional  scholarship  from  Kling   Mountain  Guides.   Looking  to  expand  the  scholarship  offerings  to  the   membership.   Looking  to  develop  mini  award  events  that  will   recognize  previous  years’  award  winners  and   scholarship  recipients.   At  future  conferences,  award  winners  and  scholarship   recipients  will  be  recognized  with  a  sticker  or  flag  so  that  others  can  recognize  their   accomplishments  throughout  the  conference.   Conference Developm ent Com m ittee The  Conference  Development  Committee,  or  Host  Committee,  serves  the  Association’s  future  conference   host  by  providing  them  with  intellectual  and  human  resources  to  help  guide  the  development  of  successful   12