AORE Annual Report 2012 - Page 7

dedicated to retaining and increasing access to federal land. This marks a huge success for the AORE, the Access Committee and our membership. As the AORE moves forward into 2013, tackling new initiatives and forging new relationships with the goal of advancing the field of outdoor recreation and education, we must pause to remember the tireless volunteers, members and employees that drive the AORE and its mission forward. The experience of growth and change should serve as a necessary reminder that so too must we, if we are to continue to be the pioneers and leaders of the outdoor industry. The AORE is inherently shaped by its members and its community and it is quickly gaining recognition on a national level. We must be ready for this responsibility by providing more opportunities to encourage members to become more engaged in the AORE community, to help guide our decisions by sharing in our collective voice and actively participating in the decision-making processes’. Now is the time to discover your passion and realize that you can be an influence on the direction of the outdoor field by actively involving yourself in the AORE, and making a difference. “I invite you to be a part and put your fingerprints on the future of outdoor recreation and education. Your talents and passion you have developed in the field translate well to leadership and management positions. Every day there is an opportunity to improve the Association, as well as the profession, not to mention your skills, knowledge and abilities.” ~Jeannette Stawski, AORE Executive Director Hannah Cooley, AORE Membership Coordinator 2012 Board of Directors 6