AORE Annual Report 2012 - Page 6

As the Board of Directors explored organizational improvements, Executive Director, Jeannette Stawski, focused her attention on increasing AORE awareness on a national level. In 2012 she pounded the pavement, speaking at many different conferences and events across the country to promote the AORE and its mission. Highlights include: o o o o The Ohio Parks and Recreation and Midwest Outdoor Leadership Conference The 2012 NIRSA Conference, where she met with Leadership on behalf of the AORE The NE AEE Presentation where she was able to engage in dialogue with the Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium Jeannette was also asked to speak at the ‘Petzl Representative Camp 2012’ on behalf of the AORE. In 2012, with increasing responsibilities due to a burgeoning membership, the AORE was able to grow National Office infrastructure. The Executive Director hired two staff members to help manage daily operations within the National Office and provide excellent customer service to the Association and its members. However, in order to meet the growing needs of the membership it became clear that the National Office would need new technology to help keep up. This point was further highlighted by an internal website down during conference registration, forcing a swift and complete internal website overhaul. “The Technology Task Force was approved and established by the Board of Directors in the first quarter of 2012. It was created to review and recommend changes to overhaul the Association's technological infrastructure. In addition to providing key recommendations to the Board, the task force provided a successful model to the Association for accomplishing projects with specific needs requiring certain talents of its members. The scope and timeline of the project also proved to be a success for recruiting volunteer members desiring to contribute unique skills. The work of the task force will continue into the following year at which time it will recommend a technology management plan and help with transition and implementation.” - Ian Brown, BOD The new-found stability in infrastructure allowed the AORE to prolifera є