AORE Annual Report 2012 - Page 5

ASSOCIATION OF OUTDOOR RECREATION AND EDUCATION THE CLIMB: IT’S ABOUT COURAGE AND DETERMINATION A YEAR IN REVIEW 2012 was a year of growth and development for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education, both in leadership and in spirit. The AORE celebrated many successes due to the combined efforts of the Board of Directors, the many volunteers that make up each of our committees [Access, Conference Development, Student Development, Research and Publications and the Environmental], our Executive Director and the National Office. 2012 was about creating a foundation for the future, through the guidance of the AORE’s mission, and led by our passionate volunteers and members. Every year is an opportunity to plant and cultivate seeds of growth that will flourish in the coming years and 2012 was no exception. In 2012 the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education broke records. The AORE not only celebrated the largest membership in its history, but also the largest conference attendance. Since 2010, membership has grown 18%, due in large part to its growing professionalism, and gained respect in the outdoor industry. Likewise, since 2009, conference attendance has increased exponentially, growing 48%. The rapid growth in membership and changing infrastructure of the AORE inspired the Board of Directors to take on the task of a ‘Governance Review’ with voracity, to identify current proficiencies and barriers impacting the success of the Association’s leadership, in order to keep pace with this evolution. Since 2010, when the ‘Governance Review’ began, and the Association’s first Executive Director, Jeannette Stawski, was hired, there has been a need for a change in governance. It was at that time that the Board of Directors took on the task of ‘Governance Review’ with the goal of developing an improved organizational model that would support the future development of the AORE and its vision, so that it could continue to be the premier association in the outdoor profession. The research team in charge of this mission has: conducted over twenty interviews, held two focus group sessions, conducted a member-wide survey seeking input on the AORE governance structure, and held numerous conversations and board-room discussions concerning governance. The deadline for the ‘Governance Review’ is set for Mid-Year 2013. At that time the Board of Directors would like to have an established proposal for comprehensive changes to its governance that will set the AORE up for success, now and in the future. “As the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education coordinates governance change resulting from the implementation of its first Executive Director, and as the AORE Board of Directors looks to align its decisions and outcomes with the Association's Strategic Plan, it is clear that only collectively can we move forward. Every individual is a contributor in this organization - from the newest student member to the sage founder. But if each one of these individuals put their personal interests first, we would not have the ability to collaboratively prescribe, pave, and plot our future as a profession.” -Jeannette Stawski, AORE ED 4