AORE Annual Report 2012 - Page 11

MEMBERSHIP PROFILE - 2012 The AORE membership is comprised of five different membership tiers, each of which represent a valuable component of the outdoor recreation and education field and industry. Members can enter at any tier level at any time, but often advance from the student level into one or more professional-level tiers. Student - These members are often mentored by professionals and associated with the organizational membership through their school. Professional - Pro members are the fastest-growing membership tier. These are individuals working in the field as guides, program directors or other employees. This tier is highly diversified. Associate - This tier is for members who have retired from the outdoor industry, but wish to stay connected and informed. Organizational - This category is for Universities, Military organizations, Colleges and other outdoor rec organizations. AORE offers these members visibility, access to information and discounted student and professional memberships. Vendor- Our vendor members are actively selling products or services in the oudoor industry. Membership gives them visibility, connection to our members and conference exhibition discounts. Membership We sold 619 memberships in 2012 as of December 31st, which reflects a 3.6% increase from 2011. AORE Membership Distribution by Type as of December 31, 2012 Vendor 9% 47% of AORE’s membership is comprised of professional members, a combination of Organizational and Professional members [Organizational memberships include one professional membership]. Student 43% Associate 1% Organizations 11% Professional 36% This chart represents AORE’s membership as of December 31, 2011 and what percentage of our membership make up each tier. The above chart is based on data gathered from our current membership as of December 31st, and is displayed with both the number and percentage of each membership tier. 10