AORE Annual Report 2012 - Page 10

WHERE ARE WE NOW? A BOARD MEMBER’S RETROSPECTIVE It is an exciting time of growth for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education. The 26th annual conference at Snowbird, Utah brought the highest attendance and strongest revenue in AORE history. Over the last three years the organization has installed a National Office, hired an Executive Director, and significantly increased membership. Professional membership increased by an impressive 17% due to the hard work and dedication of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors, and member volunteers. The AORE’s recognition in the field has been steadily growing as outdoor companies and organizations continue to see the value of the AORE’s mission. In fact, vendor memberships have increased by 10% since 2010 and we expect this number to keep growing. The Outdoor Retailer Show is one of the primary events to recruit new vendor members and reconnect with current sponsors. Vendors are now approaching us for partnership, which demonstrates how far the AORE has come as an organization in the industry. At this year’s conference the exhibitor hall was filled to capacity. Vendors had unique educational sessions, hosted social events at their booths, and commented on the significant networking the hall provided them. This year, the association met 125% of revenue from vendors with a 66% increase in the conference booths. As we continually build relationships with vendors dedicated to the field of outdoor recreation and education, we can provide members with a broader range of services and products. The AORE continues to prioritize ways to increase the value and benefits of membership. The new strategic plan will focus on increasing the professionalism and scope of the annual conference and provide new professional development opportunities for members. It will enhance communication and networking with a new technology plan, revised website, publications, and overall exposure in the outdoor industry. With a stronger membership the organization can better impact industry standards, and influence decision making in areas such as backcountry use, permitting, and sustainability. There are many accomplishments to celebrate, and as a new board member I’m thrilled to be a part of the AORE community and the successes yet to come. -Liz Rogers 2012 Snowbird Conference Co-Host 9