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How To Fix Problem Of AOL Won’t Open In Windows? When AOL desktop software is giving you problems and won’t opening in the right way, then it is possible that you might lose access to all that is available on your AOL Desktop. This includes your emails, contacts, and folders. If you find the program is starting up but doesn’t work, then you need to troubleshoot it. The troubleshooting process is a bit difficult, so you might need to give a call at AOL desktop software support phone number +1-855-490-2999. The process of troubleshooting starts with restarting the PC because you have to check whether the issue is present for real and wasn’t a temporary fault. Install AOL desktop software again This can be a good option as you can fix the issue by removing the current copy of AOL Desktop software and install a new version by downloading it from a reliable source. Make sure that all the files pertaining to old version are removed so that when you install thenew version, you get a completely new software. If there is any problem in installing AOL Desktop software, then reach out for help at AOL customer service.