Anzzia Magazine Summer 2019 Volume #31 - Page 34

Anzzia: What advice would you give someone new to your industry?

Alexa: I'm still a newcomer myself, but I think keeping a positive attitude, being open to criticism and learning from your peers and supervisors is key to growing as an artist.

Anzzia: What art do you most identify with?

Alexa: Anything that stirs a relatable emotion in me.


Anzzia: What work do you most enjoying doing?

Alexa: Illustration and sequential art.

Anzzia: What themes do you pursue?

Alexa: People who check my portfolio will mostly see either portraits of girls or Ninja Turtles - that's what I enjoy drawing the most!

Anzzia: What’s your favorite art work?

Alexa: Currently it's my fanart of the protagonist from the award-winning indie game "Gris"

Anzzia: Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

Alexa: It was always lonely when I worked from home, but then again you have to be alone to be able to immerse yourself in your work. It's a lot better now that I work at a studio with other artists, though! Maintaining friendships and going out with friends can help a lot when one feels lonely.

Anzzia: What impact has social media had on your work/brand?

Alexa: Social media has helped me reach a supportive audience and meet people

who've helped me move forward towards a potential career. I'm forever grateful to the opportunities I got thanks to my supporters and people who believed in my work, I could've never done it without them!

Anzzia: What do you like about your work?

Alexa: I like how I use colours (even though I'd like to improve it further) and that I can convey emotions pretty well.

Anzzia: What is your dream project?

Alexa: Already working on it - Ninja Turtles! :)

Anzzia: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Alexa: Never stop trying. Whether it's to improve your art, applying for art-related jobs or whatever your life goal is - even after hundreds of failures, you have to stand up and try again.

Anzzia: Professionally, what’s your goal?

Alexa: I've just reached a big goal in my life, which was to work in animation! I'm really happy here, doing what I love, but in a more distant future I'd love to try storyboarding and perhaps visual development!


Anzzia: How do you seek out opportunities?

Alexa: While I was looking for a way into the animation industry, I was doing rounds, checking the careers page of animation studios I had an interest in applying to. There is also a useful jobs portal at where you can subscribe to weekly emails where they send you a digest of the latest job opportunities in the field. Social media - especially Twitter - is also another important platform where opportunities are circulated. If you build a a decent number of followers and maintain an at least semi-professional account, it can also serve as your online portfolio/resume. If you manage to get your art circulated, your art might drop in front of someone who'd love to work with you!