Anzzia Magazine Summer 2019 Volume #31 - Page 31

everyone. Whether it's to have fun or try to create something with a deeper meaning - it doesn't matter, as long as the artist enjoys what they draw.

Anzzia: You are currently a Character Layout Artist at Flying Bark Productions working with Nickelodeon on Rise of the TMNT; what has that experience been like thus far?

Alexa: It has been absolutely amazing and - to me personally - a life changing opportunity. This is my first studio job ever, and considering that I'm coming from a small country with few-to-no opportunities in American TV-animation, I feel really blessed to have been given the chance to work on the show. It's also a bit of a "coming full circle" kind of experience for me because I've been a fan of the turtles since the classic cartoon back in the 90s, so it's kind of unbelievable to be officially involved with the production of my beloved childhood heroes! This job has also given me the opportunity to move and work abroad: I moved to Sydney (where the studio is) just a few weeks ago but I already feel at home! I know I'm finally in the right place (both career-wise, city-wise and generally life-wise) and it feels amazing.

Anzzia: What is it like working with such a large brand?


Alexa: So far, pretty cool! The pressure to do well is there, but my motivation to prove myself is even bigger!

Anzzia: What does your job entail?

Alexa: I interpret storyboards and, based on that, create key illustrations, compositions and poses with the characters that are already on-model (following the style of the show). These key artworks help the animators base the animation on.