Anzzia Magazine Summer 2019 Volume #31 - Page 30

product won't be on paper anyway, so it doesn't matter what I draw there as long as it helps with ideas.

Anzzia: What programs do you use to accomplish your best work?

Alexa: used to do my paintings in Paint Tool SAI for over a decade. It's a great tool and very easy to use. Nowadays I sketch a lot on iPad Procreate and I'm also learning Clip Studio Paint.

Anzzia: Are you a PC or MAC user? Why?

Alexa: The reason I don't use SAI anymore is because it's only available on Windows, and I've completely switched to Mac recently. I worked on both systems for years and overall feel like Mac is more reliable.

Anzzia: Do you work remotely or in an office setting?

Does this work best for your creativity?

Alexa: I do freelance and personal work at home - which took a backseat now that I'm employed full-time at an animation studio.

Anzzia: What do you dislike about the art world?

Alexa: There are some communities that maintain a snobbish approach and dismiss new artists who are still learning. I think it's important to remain humble and remember that we all started with stick figures and grew from there. New artists should be welcomed and cheered on. It takes a long time to get to a certain level and if they give up along the way because they are constantly met with reproach instead of useful criticism and helpful tips, then the art community will pretty soon die out.

Anzzia: What’s integral to the work of an artist?

Alexa: I think this is different for