Anzzia Magazine Spring 2019 Volume #30 - Page 37

people need to recognize that and be more careful before accusing someone of stealing. Art is difficult and if you ever come with a new idea maybe will be someone who did the same thing before you but they will still accuse you of stealing without knowing the details. Of course, is unforgivable someone to still your own art piece and claim it's their or to sell copies or even merch but you can't put in the same page an artist who got inspired from someone else. In my case, I'm happy when I see people get inspired by me because that means that my art is good enough to inspire others.

Anzzia: In your opinion, should art be funded?

Anna: OF COURSE!!! Like every other job, art must be funded!!! You spend time into an art piece, the least you can ask is an understandable amount of money. Most people don't realize how hard it is to create an art piece and the things you need to think about before even start which are perspective, composition, light source, shading, the character, and their morphological characteristics, clothes, weapons, accessories, the background and much more. Art is hard but you need to improve your art skills in order for more people to spend their precious money on you. Even if you improve you can't be sure if you'll get enough commissions every month to pay your bills, because not everyone can afford an art piece or they prefer to spend their money somewhere else.

Anzzia: Which current art world trends are you following?

Anna: The trend that I follow now days is the Support Art Thread on Twitter. Every artist makes a post where they say something for themselves and share their favorite art pieces and encourage other artists to do the same. I think it's the best way to discover amazing artists, get great feedback and support each other. I'm always trying to retweet as many threads I can so everyone can join. I never thought I’ll find so many awesome artists with different art styles who loves the same things I do.

It’s magnificent!