Anzzia Magazine Spring 2019 Volume #30 - Page 36

Anzzia: Is the artistic life lonely? What do you do to counteract it?

Anna: The time we leave in where social media take over our everyday lives I don’t believe that the artistic life is either lonely neither sociable. We’re always connected and always share our art pieces to the world that sometimes is good to us but there are times when it's not. You can get inspired or inspire others, make new friends who like the same things as you even if you're miles apart and support each other on your journey but on the other hand, you can get discouraged about the competition and the feedback you get. What I do is…I don’t really care! I focus on my art, how I can improve and how to manage my time to draw as much as I can. I try to analyze and improve my mistakes. I want to be optimistic and the key for that is perspective. I prefer to spend my precious time doing what I love than crying over numbers. It's hard at first and thank God I had people beside me that really support me, but you always have to remember that your worst enemy and your best ally is yourself…nobody can make you happy the way you make yourself happy!

Anzzia: What do you dislike about the art world?

Anna: My answer to this question is social media…Yeah I know that in the previous question I said is a good thing cause you can share your art, get inspiration, etc. but I think is a blade with two ends. I know a lot of artists that quit because they were frustrated with their low following and feedback. Unfortunately, people believe in a stereotype that if someone has a big audience their art is awesome and they're successful. Numbers of course matter but with the new algorithms and promo posts if you're not lucky or pay you won't get many followers just from posting and that affects your opportunities for someone to commission you. The second thing I would like to mention is art stealing. This is a sensitive subject but I would like to make a statement ‘’ There are differences between inspiring, tracing/copying and stealing art’’