Anzzia Magazine Spring 2019 Volume #30 - Page 35

What does your work aim to say? Do you have a message behind your work?

Anna: My goal is to share with people, my imagination and emotions. When someone looks at my art, I want them to recognize that it’s mine and personally connect with my work. Most of my art pieces are colorful, bright but I like to also show the dark side of things as a statement that light can’t exist without dark!

What programs do you

use on a day-to-day

to accomplish your


Anna: I mostly use Paint Tool Sai, it’s

easy to get used to, and you can make

your own brushes and its light for

my very old laptop. Also, I use

Photoshop for adjustments and

effects, which I want to

practice more and eventually

switch to as my main tool.

What’s the best piece of

advice you’ve been given?

Anna: My advice is to work hard every day. Do your

research and practice the subjects you’re lucking.

Don’t expect someone else to save you. Draw

whatever you love with passion and people will

recognize your hard work. Don't get sad thinking

that your art is not enough, get fired up instead.

Motivate yourself to keep on drawing and to

reach your goals. No one was born

knowing how to draw, dance, write,

etc. we're all humans, if they did

it you can do it too, just stay

focused. Your enemy is

your mind and time.

Balance them