Anzzia Magazine Spring 2019 Volume #30 - Page 33

Anzzia: How long have you been creating on this level?

Anna: I used to draw from a young age and I was always interested in art but my parents said that if I follow this path I won’t survive financially so I quit it for a long period of time. I started drawing again more seriously 5 years ago when I made my first Instagram art account, I won’t give up on drawing ever again

Anzzia: What work do you most enjoying doing as an artist?

Anna: The thing that I mostly enjoy is creating a new character with special features for a game. That's my goal, to be a character designer/ concept artist in the Gaming Industry. I always try to create a character that I would love to play and to make it look impressive. I also enjoy drawing portraits of girls with flowing hair. I find it relaxing and I create a beautiful art piece effortless.

Anzzia: How has your practice change over time?

Anna: My art skills have improved a lot from when I first started drawing seriously 5 years ago. I can proudly say that I can draw whatever I imagine on my head which was my goal, but I have a long way before I become a professional and get my dream job, something I find challenging and exciting, I'll enjoy the journey to the very end. When I first started I was mostly drawing fan arts of my favorite anime and manga characters but I knew that I want to create my own story so I researched about storytelling, comics, and character design. One day I create a character who was a werewolf and I thought ‘'I really like this character I want to draw him again'' and the idea came to me…I should research if there is a Greek mythology about werewolves. Then I found the story about the king Lykaious and his sons so I took inspiration from the story and I made my own.

Creating a comic is the best way to practice and improve because you need to be focused and be able to redraw the same characters over and over again. That way you're getting better on a lot of things like anatomy or perspective, something I'm still working on myself but I believe that if you're passionate on what you do then success will follow you, not only in social media but also at a personal level.

Anzzia: Why do you do what you do?

Anna: To make myself happy!

There is not such a feeling as finishing a piece that you have been working one for so long and be proud of the result…and then say ‘’I made this!’’…from a blank canvas I made this beautiful piece. I can’t describe with words how fulfilling this feeling is. I never thought that the hours I spent on drawing were never worth it.