Anzzia Magazine Spring 2019 Volume #30 - Page 14

Anzzia: How does your work comment on current social or political issues?

Paige: I try to be inclusive with a broad representation of identities in my work. Being Non-Binary myself I want to express just how different people look and how anyone can look like anything, regardless of gender. Specifically, through my angel character Anne, who I often draw the most, I challenge the stereotypical vision of what “women” look like. She often gets mistaken for a man or I’m directly told “She looks like a

man,” and I really think we as a society need to get out of that habit of immediately labeling and "gendering" an appearance. People can look like anything.

Anzzia: Who are your biggest influences?

Paige: Honestly, my friends and peers are my biggest influences. Their artwork inspires and motivates me daily. All of the art instructors I’ve had throughout my life are also a massive influence to me.

Anzzia: How do you navigate the art world?

Paige: I navigate mostly through Twitter. I follow a lot of artists and quite a handful follow me back. There’s a whole pool of connections in the art community just on Twitter and it’s pretty amazing.

Image by: Paige McIntosh