Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 49

more than 1500 radios in the world. They aren’t part of the world of Reggae. No business reggae supports me in the world, listen to what I say today in your magazine, none help me, or tell me to come to play there or there, to highlight my music. Of course, all this costs them money but in these cases how I live.
I need to take out my family who still lives in the ghetto, I want to help people who live in misery. I can’t work and sing without money, it’s not possible. That's why my concerts are expensive. My music comes from Jah Kingdom. The Rasta movement is not held by Dreads or Rasta, it’s held by babylon system, you know, this is the international Rasta movement, they decide which artists they want to highlight, but who are they to decide, it's a business, if they want you to not succeed, they do their business and say: “this artist should not succeed and all the promotion that I take you there, if you write an article of this artist, I don’t buy you any more promotion.” Instead of supporting each other and helping the artists. You know that's how it happens, it's the Reggae business. Where is the Global One Love Reggae, you've seen it somewhere, I don’t see it anywhere?

Anzzia: Where can our readers find your music? 

Hosny: You can check out all the information on my website, on my social networks and you can check out my music on the usual platforms. But if you are going to listen to my music, buy it, I have no money, if you don't buy my music, I won't be able to leave others. I invested all my money in my new album and now I need some income to continue going to the recording studio. I'm here today. I don't have a choice. I was born poor and when you were born poor, you think first to feed your family and if the music doesn't do that, I can't continue, you understand. It's my life, the reality of my life. Many believe that I'm at the top of seeing the photos, it's true already I'm lucky, but me as an artist, apart from the promotion I have nothing. I don't have a producer who takes me to the studio, no record company that puts me on top with my album. How far am I going to go like this?