Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 46

whether you're important or not important, a great man or a little man, the strength to fight your own to return to the true meaning of the world in which we live, that's my music. It's here for that. You know, I come from the ghetto, so what I have today is a lot compared to what I had being small, it's huge what I live today but I have to be satisfied?

The biggest thing, I lost my father, it's a big lesson, it's very hard. Having grown up in the ghetto is a real-life lesson. Every day we have lessons of life, when we see the broadcasts and all those who talk about our people, every day we take slaps in the mouth, at this moment we live crazy things in this world, God has created this planet, He has put all men and women all on the same planet, and some are trying to expel us from this planet, to disengage us, to get us out of our planet that also belongs to us, or do we it doesn't belong to us, and not to let us live our true life and that I don't understand, you know. All these are lessons of life.

Anzzia: When writing new material, how long does that process usually take? Per song/full album?

Hosny: The process is very variable, you know, I can put a few days to create and make a song like a few weeks ... If I put time, it's because I don't have the financial means to go to the studio when I want. Otherwise, I'll do the tracks a lot faster. Sometimes it demotivates me because I create all the time, I have a lot of songs but I can't record them.

For a complete album, if I have the financial means, if I work alone I can record 10 tracks in 10 days in the studio, the process, of course, will be longer since I invent the bass line, the guitar solos, guitar rhythms, skunks and piano melodies, everything that goes behind, drums, and so on. It's all that job, a lot of work, especially when you're alone.

If I have the motivation to go to the studio when I want, with musicians, of course, it will be much faster.

It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of