Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 45

Anzzia: What advice would you give to someone looking to get into the music industry? Why?

Hosny: I tell them to work hard, very hard because the music environment is beneficial for some and not beneficial for others. Today in the musical world everything depends on how you are physically. This environment has fallen into a slump of life that artists no longer understand. I tell them to hang on because the world has changed, things have changed. You must not complain, you have to work that's all. I didn't complain for years, today you think I'm complaining, but I'm just making a statement about my life.

Today the musical environment is not at all the same business, we went far in the reflected. What I advise is to fight and work like a lion. One day a guy told me that music was a high-risk job and that's what I remembered. You know I come from the ghetto and I didn't have many opportunities in front of me, the music allowed me to get out. I've built everything myself, nobody has done it for me, for years. You have to work hard and everything will be fine.

Anzzia: What have you learned about yourself?

Hosny: I learned a lot. I'm going to tell you the truth, I'm disappointed with myself because I make great music in the world, I know it, many know it, I haven't put my business on top, I haven't get out my family from the ghetto, I would like to help many people in the world and for the moment I can't do it and I'm disappointed. I like what I do, I love Jah, I love my music. It's hard to create it's true, that whoever doesn't believe me, try to reproduce one of my track, the same, all the musical notes, the lead vocal, the backing vocals, the mix, the master.

I'm happy for the music I create, for everything I build, for everything I try to do, all the happiness that I bring to our people with my music, and that I know, at all peoples. My music is for all peoples. Music is a sharing, a sharing of humanity, of the world, it's there to give strength to all peoples in the world, the strength to love oneself, to feel the world, the power to stop discriminating against us, brutalize us, send us an incredible violence against us. That's my music, the strength to fight yourself, whether you're of any color,