Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 44

Anzzia: What inspires you?

Hosny: First of all, it's God who inspires me, the sea, the stars, the beauty of the world, the mountains, nature, the forests, the lakes, the glaciers, all that inspires me. It's the world that God has built for us men, women, children, animals of this earth, it's a chain. God created the earth for us humans and animals. Humans have stolen the earth from animals and today humans are stealing the earth from humans.

The whole of humanity inspires me, all peoples.

I'm a singer of reggae music and I don't understand this world. It's not a concrete, constructive world, it ‘s a perpetual new beginning for all peoples.

That's the world we live in, everyone doesn't care about everyone and it's a shame because Babylon succeeded to separate people, even in the same nation by discriminating between social classes.

What inspires me is above all love, it's Jah, it's being a Rasta, a singer of Reggae Music. Many things on this earth inspire me. And there are many positive things anyway. But we aren't responsible for this trap set by others against

us. When we are born we don't know where we are going.

Anzzia: Are you open to collaborating with other artists?

Hosny: Yes, I'm open to collaborations, everything depends on who of course.

I work with the best in the world, I worked with the Wailers on my first 3 albums, I mastered my new album in New York with those who worked with Michael Jackson, Alicia Keys, Metallica, Laureen Hill, I mixed most of my New Moment tracks with Mario Syantis Lawrence, my brotha in Jamaica, Bob Marley's engineer Errol Brown in Jamaica, Daniel Boyle engineer in London. I work with big producers in Jamaica, Gussie Clark and also another one with whom I just finished a single "Give me the Fyah Jah Jah" and "All over the world" that will be released soon in Jamaica. You see, I'm open to collaborations. I was contacted by other engineers working with Usher, Chris Brown, and other artists, the album was already finished but for the next albums, I'll think about them.