Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 43


depends, for the music, it's a lot of work, I play each instrument with a lot of rigor and discipline. I have never attended a music class of my life.

Anzzia: Tell us a bit about the message behind some of your songs, please.

Hosny: Listen to my songs and you will understand the message. My message comes from the Kingdom of Jah, quite simply. I won't tell you every message of every song.

The message is strong, it's peace and love. It's a positive message for all peoples.

Anzzia: Are you the only musician in your family?

Hosny: My whole family plays percussion, from the youngest to the oldest, they are real percussionists. From father to son and from mother to daughter. When everyone plays together, as a family, you can go crazy! It's natural for us.

Anzzia: Tell us a bit about your childhood and what led you to music.

Hosny: My childhood is the same childhood as all the children who grow up in the ghetto, all over the world, copy and paste like on the computer. When you have a color, you live the same childhood as those who have the same color as you. These children don't have the same opportunities as other children, why do we let them live like that, a hard, difficult life, it's constant suffering. What is the precise purpose of all this? Why are they doing this? All this brought me to music, for the most part, we grow up in the ghetto with parents who are suffering, who have a hard life, many are alcoholics or on drugs, what is this? We must all live the same life, from the grandfather to the father, the son, the grandson and soon the great-grandson? And we should stay like that without complaining, until when should we live like this?

They like to see us suffer, that reassures them.

That's what made me a Rasta, which made me become Hosny Bronx, because I grew up like that in the ghetto.