Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 33

still a big motivator for me and I try to – she's got a set back a little bit. Because she is having – she is in Florida going through Alzheimer's and Dementia. She was my biggest fan so, it's kind of a bitter, sweet to know that things are rising up for me. She sometimes is with me to understand what's going on but, sometimes she's not. She would be happy to know that every morning I am getting up and meditating on the word and how can I do something or, serve somebody or, how can I bless somebody today, if I can?

Anzzia: That's beautiful! I like that. Everybody has different experiences with auditioning and obviously, this is one of the most important aspects of a career in acting. What are some tips, without giving away your secrets, that you can give out to anyone who is looking to get into acting for auditions? Do you have any?

Tara: Oh my gosh, yeah. You have to – I think the biggest thing for me because I am one of those ones, "Oh, I shouldn't have done it this way when I walked up." I've learned to, once I make that commitment on how I am going to do that role, let it go. Because you will figure out 50,000 ways as you walk out of that audition how you should of, could of, would have did it and that can drive you nuts. Best thing to do is just be prepared. Be prepared for when you walk in there and the biggest thing life has taught me and then my agent Tonya, she reemphasizes it because she provides classes for it and she's been big on, okay continue to find things to help improve your craft. Just know – have the confidence in yourself. My mentality is I walk in there already claiming the part is mine. Now sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't. But, the confidence comes in that I believe that character, I believe in what I am doing, I'm just proud and thankful to be in this position. I walk in there with the confidence. I think my sons are a part of that because as a single parent I have fought so hard for them in everything we did bringing them up and there wasn't always good days. There were good, bad, and indifferent. But, when I think about that, their lives and their bloodline depends on me and them having a good future then I walk in there with confidence. Like, "You know what? This is going to be alright. I got this."

Anzzia: Yes!

Tara: I would just tell anybody, walk in there with

confidence, know your material and once you make that audition and you make that commitment to the character, let it go after that.

Anzzia: That's great advice. Especially for the ones that

probably struggle with some anxiety. That's great advice. Put it on the table, give it everything you got, leave it there.

Tara: Leave it there. That's it. Oh, I just thank you for taking the time to interview me and taking the time out of your day. Most importantly I hope what I said will help somebody, somewhere. Because that's what it's all about, being a blessing to other people. I think God has given me this platform even as it starts to grow even more is that how can I serve the next person? Or, how can I serve you? Or, how can I get a message out? What is this movie or, what is this message, or, what is this platform that I need to get out that will help the world be a better place? Because as you know we're in the times where everything that is going on you-you don't even know if you're going to walk back into the house the next day there is so much going on.

Anzzia: Exactly.

Tara: You just try to think positive and be a part of that positive solution, things will be okay.

Anzzia: Exactly, so, real quick before we go, what is the best way for anyone to get into contact with you if they want to book you for work or, anything of that nature?

Tara: They can reach me on – I have a Facebook page that is Tara, Tara's Oscars and they can reach me on that. Or, they can reach me, it would probably be even easier to reach me through my agent. Tonya Hensley at TDH Talent Unlimited.

Anzzia: Perfect, and where can we send readers and viewers to check out some of your work to connect with you that way? Or, do you have any projects that are coming out soon that we can send traffic to and go check out as well?

Tara: I'll put everything on the Tara's Oscar page. Because I have someone revamping my Instagram. Of course, that's a young kid so. /laughs My son is like, "Mom! You need to really get up with the times." I am like, I know, I know. So, I got my older son trying to help me with the Instagram. I said, look at least I got the Facebook. I can do that much.

Anzzia: /laughs Baby steps, we're getting there.

Tara: Yeah, we're getting there. So, you can check out a lot of that stuff through the Facebook page and the Instagram and all of that should be up shortly. Then like I said, Ms. Hensley, she's got a lot of stuff on site for me. So, you can go check with her.

Anzzia: Alright, perfect, thank you so much! That was awesome!