Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 32

starting to get when I got back after my son and I had my son. I only did extra things for him but, I was happy about that anyway.

Anzzia: Yeah no, that is still a big deal.

Tara: I haven't done any major things for him yet but, I am looking forward to it and I'm claiming that one! /laughs

Anzzia: Yes! Say it out loud! From your experience in life and from college then transitioning into the industry, what are some possible common misconceptions about being an actor and having a life while being an entertainer?

Tara: I think the, especially here for the Georgia market, because we are still competing against some of the wonderful British actors, some of the LA actors. I think the misconception is, is that we don't – actors form Georgia, that live in Georgia, don't take it as serious or, are not as hungry as the LA market. That is just totally not true. Because my hours, even with my family, is just studying the art, respecting the art, networking, and a lot of times we only have twenty-four hours and I'm trying to work it in twenty-seven hours. It's just not enough time to get everything done. Because if you're focused and you really want to put out good work. I think people think that it's just something that it just happens and if you study a lot of the actor's and actresses, they've been in the business for a long time. Even if they had to do like me, they started it off really young and at some point in life they had to come back to it later on but, there was a gap in there because they had other responsibilities.

Anzzia: Exactly.

Tara: I think it's a misconception that it's something that just happens overnight or, it's an easy task. It's like anything else. You have to put the work into it. You have to have good ethics. You have to have determination. You have to be confident in yourself. It's just like anything else. It's like I tell my youngest son, a good quarterback is born every day. So, a good actress, a good business leader, they're born every day. But, the fine line comes down to and the longevity comes in where okay, which one of you is going to go the extra mile in studying your craft? Or, while

everybody else is hanging out in the clubs or, getting involved in something they shouldn't, are you going to be there studying and talking and networking with people to try to find out, "Okay, what can I do better?" Or, talking to your agent and seeing okay now is the time for me to learn more dialects. Because I want to be more prepared for when Black Panther comes back. So, those are the things that you have to challenge yourself. My only competition is myself. That's how I train my son. Don't worry about what everybody else is doing. Because what is for you is for you.

Anzzia: Yes.

Tara: That is how God has it set up. Be happy for those who get something or, something comes along for you. It's not your season yet. Everything comes in a season. That is why other stars and people like Tiffany Haddish who has been working along. I mean you're happy to see them rise. To just come – it's just amazing!

Anzzia: Exactly! It's all the hard work that most people don't really see what's happening in the background. That happened for years and years and you built the foundation and you put in the time and the work and the sleepless nights. That people don't see that and then they see all of the success that comes and it does not happen overnight and what is for you is for you for sure.

Tara: Yes.

Anzzia: So, do you have any routines? How do you start your day? This is a random question I like to ask some artists but, it seems that certain routines and ways people start the day have an effect on your day, your week, your month and so on and so forth. What routines do you have put in place for yourself like that?

Tara: That is simple. I start in prayer and meditation because I just need to – as I said in this type of business you open the wrong door or, get involved in the wrong thing you can get off track.My Mom, my Dad is not alive anymore but, my Mom's still alive and she instilled in me to always pray and stay focused because without the talent that God has given you or, the grace or, the favor, you wouldn't have anything. She is