Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 30

A little old, short, African American lady. She only about five feet but, she's a powerhouse! She also loves what she does. She wants to make sure that everybody that's on her roster, that she is giving the full amount of attention to. That's why she doesn't have like, five or six hundred, talents that she deals with. She's a smaller agency but, like Is aid, she's a powerhouse and I just appreciate her. So, I would tell people that are looking to get into this still, first get into it because it's not going to be an easy road at all. So, you have to have a love for it. You have to surround yourself with good people and definitely a good agent. It takes a team. Just like it takes a village to raise children. Me as a single parent, I could not have done it with people that were surrounded by me, who supported me. So, it takes a village in this industry too. I got a good photographer. Brian Christian. Excellent makeup artist so, it takes all of us to do a really good job and to make help me look good. When I say, Sharri Burke, my make up artist, man I couldn't do anything without her. Even though I know how to put on make-up and I've been putting it on for years. She loves what she does, my photographer loves what he does and my agent loves what she does. When you put us all together, you can't lose. You also have to have – that goes hand in hand with what Is aid – you also have to have pride in what you do and you have to have integrity no matter what the entertainment. Because we both know that entertainment can be an ugly business if you go the wrong route or, you go open the wrong door. Then, first and foremost your foundation, I put God first and I teach my sons to have him first in everything they do.

Anzzia: Yes.

Tara: There's enough out there for everything. He gave you a talent for a reason so don't abuse it.

Anzzia: Yes. Let's talk about your son that is going into the arts. What exactly type of art is he interested in? Is he interested in entertaining like you? Or, is he going into music or, what's his style?

Tara: Well, Anthony is going into acting. He's also still going to school. He's a great cook. He's going to major in culinary arts. He's going into the acting part of it and he's already doing super. He's with my agency.

Anzzia: Oh, wow! Okay. Moving forward.

Tara: It's funny because he - /laughs, I thank God because I can be serious at times, he's my funny child. Whenever I try to correct him for something he did when he was coming up, he would always make me and his brother laugh. So, he's my funny child. He's definitely a comedian, a dancer, he likes to draw. He has a couple of spots in some movies that are coming up that we, of course, can't mention yet. He's on his way. I'm just trying to keep him grounded.

Anzzia: Yes! That's super exciting! You said you're located in Georgia right?

Tara: Yes.

Anzzia: You're in a great place that's a budding entertainment industry right there. They're pumping out films and television shows, the works! I love what is happening in the state of Georgia where entertainment is concerned right now.

Tara: Oh, you are so right! Like I said, It's all about God chiming in. It took me a while to learn that. Because I was one of those people that, okay, by the time I'm twenty I need to have this done. By the time I'm twenty-five I need to have this done and it is so – they say if you want to make God laugh have your own plans.

Anzzia: /laugh

Tara: So, I'm pretty sure he's had a pretty good laugh over me. But, it is. It is amazing what's going on here. The Tyler Perry – I worked on a couple of his things and did some work with him and it's just amazing to sit back and watch him work. With all of the new projects coming here to Atlanta, it really is, it is amazing and we are so thankful, everything is turning around for Georgia. I'm excited! I can't even wait to see what the future – I can only see things just getting better for this area.

Anzzia: Oh yeah. Most definitely. That's insane! I had no idea you had the opportunity to work with Tyler Perry and on some Tyler Perry projects. What was that experience like?

Tara: His projects – I've only done stuff that I just