Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 29

Tara: Well actually it may go back even further when I was in high school. Because we did – it used to be a TV show called Glass City Dancers. I'm originally from Toledo, Ohio and it used to be a TV run dance show and it didn't last long because it didn't do well in our market. But that was like the first test of television and being on a production. But soon after that, we went into the Tennessee film Aembras and then right after that, The Craving and then The Gift of Zara. So, It's really been interesting how they – once I came back on the scene how thankful and blessed how everything just like just started flowing even more. Even some of the commercials. I end up doing the commercial for Food Lion in South Carolina. So, a lot of things started building up once I got back on track and I wanted to wait until my sons were older.

Anzzia: That makes perfect sense. That does. In terms of your acting and other people who are looking to get into the entertainment industry, a question I always ask is if you had any advice to give to someone that is looking to maybe dabble in acting and entertaining; what would you tell them?

Tara: Oh my gosh. It's not an easy task but, as I said, if you love doing something and you put your heart into it and what I try to instill in my son if it was easy everybody would be doing it.

Anzzia: Exactly.

Tara: I try to put together with everything that I do, you know, have pride in your work. Have pride in your work and treat – I don't care if it's from the person who provides the snack on set to the lady who does your hair to the director, you've got to treat everybody with respect. I think the biggest thing for me is, people don't realize to have a good agent. I'm thankful to have – I'm with TDH Talent Unlimited. Which is ran by Tonya Hensley.

people to say, “Oh, you know, it's going to be hard, it's really trying to get through all that.” Now remind you I had two brothers now, two older brothers. So, the rough stuff and the athletics and all that, being involved in sports is really all discipline.

Anzzia: Very true.

Tara: The military is about discipline. So, I figured if I could master playing with my two brothers and being competitive in sports, I can do this. But, on the flip side of that was, my parents didn't have the money. So, I wanted to be responsible for my own education. I didn't want to come out with debt and I said if I am never going to graduate from college that is going to be my only shot.

Anzzia: Wow, and you did it.

Tara: And I did it, yes.

Anzzia: Oh man.

Tara: The rule in my household, if I get a degree my sons have to get a higher degree then what I do. I tell them I'm going back for my Masters in the next year or two. You guys, you better catch up. /laughs

Anzzia: /laughs I like that. I like that, very much so. That's so much. You've done so much in such a short amount of time! I want to loop back around to your acting. What was the first film that you worked on?