Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 27

would say it happened more so in college and then right after I graduated from college, then I felt more freedom to go ahead and pursue it. But, then of course, as you're getting older you're like, "Okay, someday I do want to have a family so, I need to kind of figure out somewhere in the equation when that's going to happen."

Anzzia: Yeah, okay.

Tara: /laughs So, I took a break from it for a while and I have of course two great sons. Of course one of them took the showbiz buzz of it and that's my oldest and then the other one, he got more involved in the sports side of it. Because I coach football too.

Anzzia: Oh, wow!

Tara: The youngest one got involved in the sports end of it. So, I have one that has a love for the arts who follows behind me, who likes to draw, sing, dance, act, all that good stuff. Then the other one follows the sports side of me.

Anzzia: /laughs

Tara: You know God has a sense of humor when he blessed you with two great sons and one is like one way and the other is like the other one. So, we have an interesting household.

Anzzia: Isn't that amazing how that works out? How old are your sons?

Tara: I have one that is twenty-one and the youngest he will be graduating this year from high school and he's pursuing after his dream of being a quarterback. We're trying and praying that he's going to get it. He's got a lot of people looking at him but, we're hoping that he either gets to stay here in Georgia or, he's trying to pursue going to Baylor.

Anzzia: Oh. Nice. That's amazing how that worked out!

Tara: It is so funny! That is how I've said, I've said: "Yes, God has a sense of humor."

Anzzia: /laughs You noted on your bio that you are the first college graduate of your family.

Tara: Yes.

Anzzia: Wow, that's amazing! What did you study in school?

Tara: Believe it or not I'm coming full circle. I studied regular television and film. So, I was a DJ when I was in college for the radio station, our campus newspaper. Then I went on to our college campus area. I worked for the public broadcasting system. We had a small, little TV station there in Bowling Green Ohio. I guess you could say I never really got out of radio, television, film. Somehow or another it's always been in my blood.

Anzzia: Yeah. Obviously, there is a gap in between college and when you are now, right? Life happens, the whole nine yards. You're also a veteran so, that happened some time in between all of this. /laughs Can you tell me a little bit about how that happened? And thank you for your service as well, by the way!

Tara: Oh, you're welcome. I did that for six years.

Anzzia: What branch?

Tara: The Army. My home branch is 4/16th Engineer Group out of Walbridge, Ohio. I did my training in Fort Fix and Fort Lee. How I even got into that was luckily like I said I was pretty athletic in high school. So, for