Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 16

You never get the best game ever. You just keep trying to do better. As far as the thing now, I mean my thing is I would just hone my skills. If you want to be a musician then play your instrument and don't forget there is a lot of business behind it too. Just because you're a good musician doesn't mean, you know, you've got to be seen as well -

Anzzia: Yes.

Kenny: - and do interviews with people like you, which is awesome!

Anzzia: /laughs Yes. Thank you, thank you.

Kenny: But, that's it. If I knew the trick, I mean media is so weird now with YouTube. I used to say all the time that YouTube is a great invention for that to get out there, you know what I mean?

Anzzia: Hmm hmm. I know what you mean.

Kenny: But, when you're out there, now everyone is out there so nobody is out there, you know what I mean? Which is, myah.

Anzzia: Yeah, you haven't had time enough to set yourself a part.

Kenny: Yeah, songs. Just write songs. That would be my thought. Just write, write, write. Write and play and don't give up doing your day job.

Anzzia: /laughs There is that, yes.

Kenny: You know, you still got to eat.

Anzzia: That part, yes.

Kenny: Yep, Rock and Roll.

Anzzia: I get jumping in 100% but, ultimately make sure you can still eat and pay your bills. While you're chasing your dream.

Kenny: Yeah, that's just being cool. You still got to keep it together. I know a lot of guys who do a lot of different stuff and their pretty famous guys, you know? Have a hobby.

Anzzia: Have a hobby. That's a good one! I haven't heard that one yet.

Kenny: Learn how to cook. There you go.

Anzzia: Exactly. Alright well, thank you so much!

Kenny: Okay, thanks. Later!