Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 15

can buy the cookbook as well. We'll probably have some raffle item or so for the We Rock For Autism.

Anzzia: Oh cool. Where can fans and new fans and our readers go to to find out about Nova Rex and your book? Also maybe see you guys live in some other places? What have you got going on?

Kenny: Well, on the thing, we're pretty much on the social media. I mean as far as gigs, Nova Rex on Facebook is always really good because we're updating that daily. As far as the recipes, again, Go there and everything is there that you need to know about it. As far as everything us just Google us. We've been around a long time. There are quite a few videos out there.

Anzzia: Very true. I always ask the more experienced people in the industry, do you have any advice for young musicians or anyone looking to get into the industry?

Kenny: Wow! Well, you know, that's a big loaded question. I have never quite figured it out. You know, being in the music industry is like playing golf.

Anzzia: Okay so, a portion of the proceeds from the book? Or, all of your proceeds are going to charity? If so -

Kenny: I'll tell you exactly what's up with that. What happens is it's going to be 80% after cost, because the book costs money, to the charity and the other 20% will go to promotion.

Anzzia: Beautiful.

Kenny: Which is realistic. You know what I mean?

Anzzia: Yeah. Also, you have a meet and greet coming up on November 13th at the Hard Rock Daytona, right?

Kenny: You know it's great you said that. So, basically I'm the official/unofficial ambassador of the Hard Rock Daytona Hotel, right? It's actually the Hard Rock Hotel Daytona Beach. if you want to check them out. This place opened in May. They're really cool. What happened was, when I got the jacket, I went and checked it out. If you guys remember Ricky, and he's got a partner with him too, the girl who host's Ink Master's on TV.

Anzzia: I love that show!

Kenny: Yeah, and their going to be at the Daytona Hard Rock Hotel on November 13th, a Tuesday. It's called Ricky's Rise. He's done it five years in a row from what I can tell. The other year he raise over twenty grand. I know he picks a different charity every year and this year happened to be about soldier suicide. But, yeah it's all for a good cause.

Anzzia: You said you also have a show November 21st in Orlando. Tell me about it.

Kenny: It's November 21st at a really cool club called Bombshell's. It's off of Edgewater Drive in Orlando. Again I'm going in a couple of days to check it out. They seemed very cool and their definitely excited to see us. We're just out doing the Hair Metal Mania Tour. Hair Metal Mania Tour and this run we have Always Loaded opening up for us. Should be a fun night. We will have some stuff there. You