Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 14

friends and what it is is my son just turned seventeen. He's got Asperger's which is a form of Autism and he's gone to Autistic school for a couple of years, this and that. So, I had to do my own research on it. So, I understand what their going through and I met up with a great organization called, We Rock For Autism. These guys are great! They do these big music programs and all kinds of things for these kids who have autism. Of course I've researched them and talked to them and why did you star this organization? So, great guys, right? Then so, the cook book just kind of came. I had a radio show for a couple of years up north of Daytona on an FM station and I was doing, interviewing guys and somebody sent me in a recipe for gumbo. They just sent it to me. It was a family recipe. I kept it for a few years. Then it came around and somebody else gave me a recipe. I'm like, "Well, I'm going to keep that." Then I started, well, maybe I'll start asking people. So, anyway, long story short. It just went up online last week. The pre-sales were up. If you go to, there's everything there. So you can understand what's going on. But, there's some members of ozzy, Warrant, Twisted Sister, Stone Sour, KIX, Enough is Enough; I mean I can go on forever. It's a pretty big list.

Anzzia: I'm so interested in what everyone submitted!


Kenny: Yeah we got some great stuff. But, we also have Ozzy Osbourne's Bass player; his name is Phil Soussan and this cat is a professional chef.

Anzzia: Oooh.

Kenny: So, he's a real deal.

Anzzia: Now, I'm even more intrigued.

Kenny: I got a lot of guys.

Anzzia: See? The little things that you didn't know. I didn't know he was a professional chef.

Kenny: Yeah, real deal. This guy Phil, he wrote Shot In The Dark. He played on a couple Ozzy albums and he played on a couple Billy Idol songs. He was the Vice President of the Grammy's. I mean I can go on. This guy's the real deal. So, I am very excited and he's a chef. So, it just kind of worked out great that way.

Anzzia: Oh, man. So, we go to the website, we can find your book there. Where can people purchase your book as well? From the website? Or, do they go to Amazon?

Kenny: Yeah, everything the website. It's all there. Just go to You go there, you'll see a preview of the book. It will have a Buy Now link. It's all there. Shows where the money's going and how it's going, whose in it. Check it out. Check it out and like us on Facebook. I do have a Facebook page. I started pimping it since the book came out last week. The pre-sales.