Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 11

some where, they actually did a report like an essay, on the band. From all that. Ain't that crazy?

Anzzia: Wow! See? That's amazing!

Kenny: I mean it's something totally different. Those guys are pretty awesome. We were there last Summer and we actually lucky enough that the curator gave us a vault tour. We got to see everything that was in the vault, which was pretty cool.

Anzzia: Wow, that is incredibly cool.

Kenny: They and everything from the Muppet's to Ali and here is what is wild too, because they've got a base and everything there too, right? Paul Stanley, Garth Brooks, Eddie Van Halen, all those guys since then have sent in guitars.

Anzzia: So, you donate these items to the museum?

Kenny: Well, the Smithsonian was. I was just so grateful, Hell I aim to be in the bathroom in that place.

Anzzia: /laughs

Kenny: But, I think some of them donated. I think some of them are donated on time. I think some stuff they do pay for. All you've got to do is go to the Smithsonian National Museum of American, and Google it and it's all, I get the monthly newsletter. It's pretty cool.

Anzzia: That's pretty awesome man. That's a huge show of your hard work. I mean Nova Rex represents a serious, diverse form of popular music of that time and you were a part of it. That's huge! So, on top of Nova Rex and you guys performing, you have some performances coming up. I'm going to touch base on that here in a second. But, you have a cook book. Rockin' Recipes for Autism, VOL. 1., Tell me a little bit about your book.

Kenny: Listen, the cook book is going to be the coolest thing I have ever done in my life. What happened on the cook book is over the years it just happened on the road and I know enough guys at least who are either opened for or, partied with us or, whatever. In the Rock and Roll community we sort of know each other. So, I just reached out to

Anzzia: What's it like to go to a venue and see your stuff hanging in there? What kind of feelings does that give you?

Kenny: It's pretty exciting, just the appreciation of it, you know? I mean, you know, it's pretty cool. I have to say when the jacket at the Hard Rock came up that was a surprise and I was just very excited that it ended up in Daytona. So I could actually go see it.

Anzzia: Exactly.

Kenny: It's pretty cool! It represents that time frame, it's awesome.

Anzzia: Exactly. Also, You you also have items in the Smithsonian of American History as well, correct?.

Kenny: Yes I do. What happened with the Smithsonian, same time frame. Someone asked me. They're like, "Hey, you're here. You're in your hometown museum. You've got stuff over here, stuff over there. I dare you to get into the Smithsonian." So, I called up and there is a bunch of Smithsonian's. But, I ended up getting into the National Museum of American History and I had these crazy leather chaps and I asked them if they would want them. They got back to me a couple of days later and they said, "Look, we want that plus everything else you got. We're doing a display on fashion of those times." So, you can see the zit-suit, you know, some Disco stuff. As far as 80's Metal, Nova Rex represents that. I mean I've got the jacket, the boots, the chaps, it's a crazy display. I mean, pretty humbling.

Anzzia: That's incredible!

Kenny: Yeah, right? I mean it's pretty wild. You know, I'll tell you a funny little story. You know, that place gets seen by I don't know how many millions of people a year.

Anzzia: Exactly!

Kenny: But, what is wild is that, I've seen months ago that a college in South Florida