Anzzia Magazine 11:2018 - Page 10

Kenny: We just played there like last week. Yeah, it was awesome. Daytona Hard Rock, that was kind of special. Believe it or not I actually gave the Hard Rock that jacket back in 2011 when we released our documentary. It's called Ain't Easy Being Cheesy and when that thing got on TV it was on DISH and DirectTV and it was on documentary channels, a short run on Netflix. That thing was seen by like, 30 million people. When that went down I had the jacket and I happened to be, corporate was in Orlando at the time. So, I asked them if they wanted it and they were like, "Sure." Then here it is, basically, what is that? Seven years later.

Anzzia: That's crazy.

Kenny: They actually put it in Daytona

which is pretty cool because that is

where I am based out of right now.

So, it's really awesome.

Anzzia: Oh, nice! After thirty-three years of performing and living the life but, do you ever get nervous before you go on stage or, before a show anymore?

Kenny: No. Not anymore. I'll get nervous the day before, you know what I mean? Because you always want good attendance and make sure that it's promoted right. But, the day of the show, that's the easy part.

Anzzia: Oh, really? /laughs

Kenny: For me it is anyways. That's just a little piece of the whole pie, you know what I mean?

Anzzia: I always ask performers that, because some people deal with stage fright and even though they have been dealing with it for so long they still get nervous. Or, they still get terrified, you know?

Kenny: I'm trying to think of the last time I was nervous. I have been nervous before. It's a big gig and it depends whose there.

Anzzia: Yeah.

Kenny: That kind of nervous. Typically, you know, we're just hosting a party. That's kind of how our approach is.

Anzzia: I like that.

Kenny: The people are there to see us. You've already got that. We have a lot of friends

and family and stuff. Our Rock 'n Roll


Anzzia: You guys have your

memorabilia in the

Daytona Hard Rock.