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Anzzia: How was the Midnight Mosher persona born?

Billy: The Midnight Mosher evolved over many years and continues to do so. Not pulling any punches. Between my speech impediment and my social anxiety I was could only communicate one on one. I'm hypersensitive and went experienced not only my own pain but others as well. I've often referred to myself as the Blind

Billy Wight

the midnight mosher

Man of Empathy because of my willing to take the hit rather than see someone else suffer. I spent many years in isolation basically would escape into video games and t.v. rather than lose myself in the chaos of school and home. When I was 12 my older sister introduced me to see my very first metal show with Nonpoint and Headway at Orbit 3000. I got in there and fell in love. I released so much pent up rage and I was honestly reborn.

That shut down and I really didn't start going to shows regularly until I was 19 in 2004 on a local level. I'm a Daytona native; shows are scarce here. I was 27 and was shopping at Marshals. There I was going through the rack and found a padded white/black Nike Combat Wear jersey. I don't step out the pit and have sustained my fair share of injuries so my inspiration was instantaneous.


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