Anzzia Magazine 11:2017 - Page 32


Alexis Fraser

"Lipstick Lex"

Anzzia: Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

Alexis: Well, I’m a wife to my husband of 11 years! Yes, we got married when we were 22 but have been together since we were 16! Not too common to come across high school sweet hearts these days… But we’ve grown together and have always supported each others crazy ass dreams! We have 2 kids, our 5 month old baby boy, Lonnie and our 4 year old daughter, Rue.

While juggling all the crazy up’s and downs life has thrown our way, I’m also a full time artist who works daily out of my home studio, which is detached bunky on the same property as our house. It’s my happy place, my “she shed” and my space where I’m constantly working on building my Lipstick Lex brand!

Anzzia: Where did your love for art and for specifically oil painting come from?

Alexis: I’ve been in love with art and anything crafty from the very

beginning! Art classes were always my favorite. I was always and still am a visual learner. I knew from an early age that when I grew up I needed to do something creative but never believed being an actual artist could be a real occupation. I decided somewhere in my early 20’s back when I was totally lost and couldn’t quite find my niche in the occupational world, that I would get my degree in education. I figured, if I can’t create art for a living then I’ll teach art… And I did just that. However, once I had that degree in hand there were literally NO

Age: 33

Art: Contemporary Lipstick Artist

Social media: Instagram & Twitter @Lipstick_Lex, FaceBook @LipstickLex


Interview Photos by: Josh