July 2016 Anywhere Business Network Activities June 2016 The Anywhere Business Network was launched in May 2016 with the aim of making more aware of the potential for working at home and in a digital platform. To that effect in conjunction with the owners of the site material has been sourced from all over the internet to bring you tips on motivation, planning and studies of how this can work for you. It is particularly pleasing the views of video content provided which allows people to see what home business or working anywhere anytime and any can work for you. “When are you going to do that? , - Facebook Highlights of the Month Include  Furtther Life style Video featuring West Coast of the South Island locations in background  Motivate your self video  Guest writers from the Home Business Network providing original content including tips on use of Social media  Motivation and business planning videos  Links to important resources of any budding digital entrepreneur comment to another person In This Issue Photo Caption  Guest Article  Motivation  SFM  Future