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Anti Diet Solution Review If you ask the average person if they’d like to lose weight, most of them would say yes, because most of us could stand a few pounds. If you ask them how much trouble they’d be willing to go to in order to lose weight, then you’ll start to get different answers. Lots of people would like to shed a few pounds, but not if it means having to exercise a lot or go on overly restrictive diets. Official Website : Click Here Anthony Alayon has a book called Anti Diet Solution that he says will allow you to lose weight without having to engage in excessive workouts or go on starvation diets. You won’t need to go ‘low carb” or take piles of diet pills, either. OK, that sounds like something that would interest a lot of people as most people aren’t interested in any of those things but still want to lose weight. I decided to take a closer look to see what Anti Diet Solution is all about. Is Anti Diet Solution a scam? Anti Diet Solution Overview Anti Diet Solution is sold as a downloadable ebook, sold in PDF format. You can buy it