Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 9

RETNIW 4102 eussI tsriF The Joy of EERF Babywearing rehtonA weiV By Tamara Champion Babywearing improves breastfeeding outcomes and helps the new mother avoid postpartum depression. aillirO Babies love to be held and carried. A baby sling is a practical solution to make baby carrying easy for busy parents. This is how baby carrying becomes ‘babywearing.’ ecapS weivretaW ehT yb dehsilbuP Not only is it practical, but a baby sling or carrier is also the optimal place for babies to spend time safely after birth and beyond. Babywearing has been done for centuries as a way for baby to develop and bond with parents in a nurturing environment. The benefits of babywearing are extensive and include: ssenllbabies cry less. ParentseH larwith their • Carried eW & htla easily bond utaN enizagaM baby through babywearing, and can recognize and respond quickly to early signs of distress, hunger, elimination, overstimulation, and even boredom. • The nurturing, stimulating environment of a caregivers arms are critical to early cognitive development. When babywearing, infants spend more time in a state of ‘quiet :eussi si awake but calm, alertness’ in which they are ht edisnI quietly observing and learning from the world around them. • For mom, physical contact with her baby is associated aiaG yb trA with the release of oxytocin, the hormone responsible for positive emotions and the inhibition of the negative effects of stress. Babywearing helps mothers care for themselves and their babies duringihtnewborn stage. As well, enicideM c the aporutaN babywearing improves breastfeeding outcomes and helps the new mother avoid postpartum depression. With many eM esenofhC and carriers idarT enicid different styles i slings lanoit available, nothing compares to an in-person babywearing consultation from a trained educator. Certified babywearing educators are individuals that have been formally-trained on g babywearing confidently, best practices for nihcaoC efiL comfortably, and safely. Babywearing is as gnircarrying babyB safe as aewyba in arms when done correctly. With the right carrier, parents will be comfortable with their hands free, and baby will be safe, cared for and content. ikieR ■ Tamara Champion DONA-trained Postpartum Doula Certified Babywearing Educator (Center for Babywearing Studies) Parenting By Nature, Orillia, ON 9