Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 7

RETNIW 41Get 02 eussI tsriF EE Nourished RF Body, Mind & Spirit rehtonA weiV By Cat O’Connor is about being perfectly perfect as you are. There is something so nourishing about being in a room full of people preparing for their yoga practice. Each time I come to my mat, I am filled with a sense of gratitude and joy. This is why I practice and share yoga: each person sharing and holding ecapS for iwellness ehT yb dehsilbuP space we vretaW and connection through group yoga classes, creating a sense of community and energy that is difficult to describe. You will know it when you find it. aillirO When you find a yoga studio that has this truly nourishing, welcoming vibe – it will become your own yoga home. Finding a safe place to practice on the mat is amazing; a place where people come to hold space not only ssetheir ownW & htlatheH laruothers. for nlle well-being but for e well-being of taN Consider what would be possible if more people were to embrace a yoga practice on the mat, as well as carry their practice off the mat and into the world – building and sharing strength and kindness as they go about their lives. enizagaM This is what I hope to share with as many people as possible as a yoga teacher. It is not being super flexible or perfecting a pose, andsi not about building amazing abs :eus it’s siht edisnI or a tight butt (although this might happen). Yoga is not about perfection. Rather, yoga is about being perfectly perfect AS YOU ARE. aiaG yb trA Connecting with people in a space that is welcoming and nourishing is what motivated me to become a yoga teacher and to open the new Nourish Yoga & Wellness Studio enicideM cihtapor embraces in Orillia. To create an environment thatutaN each individual as they are and supporting them as they grow into the amazing individual they are intended to be. enicideM esenihC lanoitidarT If you haven’t already, I encourage you to give yoga a try. Take the time to find yourself a studio and teacher that fits and feels right for you, all the while knowing that the greatest teacher gnihcaoC efiL is always within you. Nourish Yoga & Wellness Studio will offer yoga, SurfSet Fitness and nutrition programs to truly allow you to find g you aa fun, baB what works best fornirin ewyenergizing and NOURISHING space. ■ Cat O’Connor 8 Peter St. South, Orillia 705-790-6895 ikieR 7