Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 6

ILLUMiNATiON The- wind and of could come by- and A Column I Inspired Word By Carly Gouweloos carry you the last part of your journey if you become light feel like you know someone magical. Nothing in the world can bring us more joy than another person. Other souls have the ability to make us feel so enough... by just lettingleaves us vibrantly genuinely loved and adored that it go of a few beaming in a state of bliss. Perhaps even more delightful, is the feeling of being so undeniably grateful for someone more things you are clinging to... else’s presence in your life that it leaves you astounded. Words cannot describe how honoured we can feel to have that in our believe in gravity. certain peoplestill lives. To be open and share with others is an art I have learned more recently than not. But how rewarding it truly is. To feel a deep connection to someone that means so much to you. To feel like you know someone magical. To tell them how much you love them. It is so crucial for us to ensure that we surround ourselves with those who nourish and uplift our hearts. We are here for each other. Love and connection is a force so inherent within our souls. It is the reason why weInside this issue: are here. But also, be thankful for your solitude. The solitude that means being alone without being lonely. That quiet time that allows you to reflect on all that has come into your life. To step back from those you love with the intention of allowing yourself to fully soak in and embrace what you have. And behold the great importance of conversing with yourself; to make sure you are still friends with YOU. And to further allow yourself to develop your intimate relationship with your surroundings and nature. Take a walk alone and see how many magnificent things you notice along the way that likely, you have never seen before. Be so in love with other souls and solitude that you honour them both with your time. ■ Carly Gouweloos, BBA Editor & Designer of Another View 6