Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 4

From the Waterview Space The wind and I could come by and carry you the last part of your journey if you become light By Jacqui Derbecker Make just one little step in the direction a few enough... by just letting go ofof your more things you are more and more people During this past year, I‘ve watchedclinging to... shift their lives and open further and deeper to new possibilities and still believe inmean leaving a job that experiences. This may gravity. you have been working for a number of years, opening your heart to new relationships that have true meaning and authenticity, re-adjusting your eating patterns and/or beginning to exercise your body . heart and feel what this feels like... I have also noticed that yoga, meditation, silent retreats, conferences on how to be happy, classes teaching you how to discover your soul’s purpose and books on how to manifest the life you want are popping up everywhere. We are all asking questions like: issue: Inside this What’s next?, What do I want in my life now?, Do I really want to be in this relationship?, Do I feel this is still the job for me, from my heart?, Where do I want to live? And, Can I now open up to live life to the fullest of my ability? Individuals are pushing past fear now more than ever and feeling that now is the time for change and to do something different. This is truly all about feeling. Feeling and breathing from your heart. With the blossoming of a new year, why not allow yourself to shift into a new way of living and breathing from your heart’s intuitive self ? As you read our amazing Winter Issue you will gather some answers to your own questions! These writers are sharing their expertise about the heart, body, mind, soul and emotion. Perhaps make just one little step in the direction of your heart and feel what this feels may be surprised. ■ Jacqui Derbecker Clairvoyant, Consultant, Teacher, Speaker, Published Author Founder of The Waterview Space 150 Dunlop St. East Unit 106 705-737-5079 4