Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 18

Life and Transitional The wind and I could come by and Coaching carry you the last part of your By Gill Tillmann A coach carries a valued person from where they journey if you become light are to where they want to be! - Kevin Hall, Aspire enough... by just letting go of a few This magazine is so appropriately named ‘Another View’. In sessions with a Life and Transitional Coach, tools and more are introduced give clinging another strategies things youtoare you, as a client,to... lens to view your life, relationships, or business. that still believe in gravity. “I’m just stuck” is a common beginning for the first coaching session. Being stuck may relate to a relationship, a job, a business, or a state of mind. You might feel signs of stress or depression like headaches, stomach aches, insomnia, mood swings and sadness. Sometimes the symptom is the inability to make a choice. Finding another lens or ‘Another View’ allows you to discover where you are, define who you authentically want Inside this issue: to be, and design your plan of action. Then the real journey can begin! Coaching plays a special role in opening your mind to see how your beliefs are keeping you stuck. When I reflect back to raising my children, I remember thinking, “we did the best parenting job we could...given the information we had at the time.” Now I can broaden that to include, “given the beliefs we held at that time.” If information was all you needed to move forward, you would be happy, healthy, and wealthy each and every day. But what really will inspire, motivate and bring you achievements is a clearer perspective of your current reality; a fresh view of your true strengths, potential and possibilities or quite simply, Another View. Life and transitional coaching has the ability to take your life to the next level of balance, fulfillment and purpose! ■ Gill Tillmann Life and Transitional Coach Orillia, ON 705-326-8510 18