Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 16

The Pilates Reformer The wind and I could come by and A Balanced Approach By Susie Thisdelle carry you the last part of your journey if you become light ...reducing stress levels, relieving tension and by boosting your natural energy. It doesn’t matter whether you are an 18 year-old athlete or a 70 year-old ‘couch potato’, the Pilates Reformer and enough... by just been carefully engineeredfew its exercise programs have letting go of a to train absolutely everyone! more things you are clinging to... The philosophy behind the Reformer exercises is based on a balanced approach so that all muscle groups are that efficient, holistic way. Workouts tone worked in an still believe in gravity. and build long, lean muscles without bulk. Every exercise has been carefully developed based on the essence and principles of the late exercise pioneer Joseph H. Pilates. The first goal is to strengthen the deep abdominal core muscles all while engaging the mind and enhancing body awareness. With the supervision of a trained instructor, the participant will learn to practice efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury. These exercises will Inside this issue: help you by reducing stress levels, relieving tension and by boosting your natural energy. Exercises are designed to help restore postural alignment and create a stronger, more flexible spine. Adjustments and modifications can be utilized to promote recovery from strain or injury and increase joint range of motion. Moving with correct postural alignment will improve circulation and heighten neuromuscular coordination. As the participant learns the various exercises they can work to relieve back pain and joint stress. The Reformer is designed to correct the over-training of muscle groups, which can lead to stress and injury and ultimately enhancing mobility, agility and stamina for all levels of ability. Regardless of whether you want to compliment your sports training regime or develop functional fitness postinjury or just simply ‘tone up’, regular consistent training with the Reformer will improve the way your body looks and feels! ■ Susie Thisdelle Owner Phoenix Health & Fitness 3 Progress Drive, Unit 3 Orillia, ON 705-327-2551 16