Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 - Page 13

RETNIW 4102 eussI tsriF EERF Balance rehtonA Achieve weiV This Winter Season By Michelle Ventura-Young aillirO Gentle exercise, rest, and meditation are great ways to nourish Yin during this season. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) emphasizes balanced lifestyles that ecapS weifromaW ehT yb dehssea- P take cues vret nature. As the ilbu sons change we, too, must make shifts in our daily lives to adapt to our changing environment to maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health. Here are a few simple ways to do this during the winter when our bodies, minds, and emotions can be pushed and pulled to extremes: ssenlleW & htlaeH larutaN enizagaM Slow down: Nature enters into a resting or hibernation period where energy is conserved and stored. In sharp contrast, the high energy of the holidays can be draining. Take time to slow down, relax, and turn the thoughts inward for deep introspection. Gentle exercise, rest, and meditation are great ways to nourish Yin during this season. :eussi siht edisnI Diet: Support the Kidneys and Yin by choosing nourishing, warming foods (think stews and soups): root vegetables, beans, dark leafy greens, moderate warming spices, whole grains, small iaG of b trA aamounts y naturally sourced sodium, and a bit more protein than usual. Keep hydrated. Limit alcohol and caffeine. enic days and longer nights encourage sleeping Sleep: ShorterideM cihtaporutaN a little earlier and waking a little later. We conserve Yang energy this way and replenish our reserves. enicideM esenihC l body by darT Acupuncture: Treatments support theanoitipromoting digestion, aiding sleep, reducing anxiety, and increasing energy. Keep immunity up and stress down with preventive seasonalgnihcaoAlreadyfiL the weather? treatments. C e under Acupuncture can help shorten recovery time. Honouring the stillness, darkness, and quiet of winter gnir core and aB serves to strengthen ouraewybprepare us for spring, which brings new growth and a strong movement of energy upward and outward. ikieR ■ Michelle Ventura-Young R.Ac (Prov) Acupuncturist Owner of Orillia Foot Clinic & Wellness Centre 333 Mary Street, Orillia 705-259-2838 13