Another View Magazine Orillia Winter 2014 Edition - Page 15

Reiki: rehtoof Light Hands nA RETNIW 4102 eussI tsriF EERF weiV By Dale McKay aillirO Reiki treats the whole person- body, mind and spirit. ecapS weivretaW ehT yb dehsilbuP Reiki (pronounced RAY-KEE) is a 2500 year old system of healing. Introduced to the Western world in the mid 1900’s, it has been adopted by a number of progressive hospitals and other health care facilities Reiki is a treatment that works by the simple placement of hands and channeling of energy. Reiki does not diagnose, nor interfere with medical treatments. It enhances ssenlleW & healing aeH lastress,taN medications, quickens htltime, reduces ru and is effective in pain management. enizagaM A Reiki treatment often feels like a warm, glowing radiance flowing through and surrounding the body. Reiki treats the whole person- body, mind and spirit. It is a simple, natural and safe method of healing that can work even if you don’t believe in it. :eussi siht edisnI Reiki energy flows through the practitioner’s hands into the client who is lying on a massage table fully clothed. Treatments can also be given while the client is seated or even standing. Theipractitioner places his/her hands on a aG yb trA or near the client’s body and Reiki, an intelligent energy, flows to the greatest need. The practitioner may be drawn to place his/her hands on several areas of the body. enicideM cihtaporutaN Reiki is also very easy to learn and anyone can do it. In a one day Reiki Level I Class the student is becomes attuned to the Reiki energy. When you are channeling enenicideM esenihC lanoitidarT ergy during a treatment, you receive this healing energy at the same time. It is important to keep know that Reiki does not drain the practitioner. In fact, many practitioners feel energized aftercaoC efiL gnih giving a treatment. To receive a Reiki treatment or learn more about becoming a Reiki practitioner, please contact WindSpirit Wisg dom and Wonders. niraewybaB ikieR ■ Dale McKay WindSpirit Wisdom & Wonders 33 Mississaga St., East., Orillia, ON 705-325-0461 15