Annual review Specsavers Annual Report LR Proof - Page 46

REVIEW FROM THE REGIONS 2017/18 has been a I am also very proud that we have continued to build on year of innovation, our professional credentials with a focus on medicalising underpinned our business and providing enhanced optical services on by our uncompromising the high street for diseases such as glaucoma, and for focus on delivering great minor eye conditions. value and outstanding customer service. I mentioned that this has been a year of innovation, and Performance has been strong in all our markets in terms we are about to see the result of this investment as we of b F6W2w&wFB7W7FW"fVW2V6Wr6W'f6W2FW"7F&W2FBvV6PFR7W7FW"W&WF26VFW2g&R7GW"v66G&'WFrFF22&VV㠦2W6W6fRF7V76fW'2FR6֖rV"Bv&fFRg&R&V6VFF2&6VB66bW ( ( ( f7W27&V6rv&VW72bW"VFwf6SWrVFwFv7F2FòBFRG&GV7F'W6W72&W7VFr6W2w&wFb2Rb5BF66W&V6RFw&FWfW'7F&PVrCWr7F&W27&72FR&Vv7&V6r7&72FRTB&WV&Ɩ2b&VB( 2RbFR7@6fVV6RB66W76&ƗGf"WfV&RVRW6FrFWfVVG2FR7F'bW"'W6W72BW"w&vr&VF6vF66'W'( 22vRvfrW2FR&ƗGFFRVF6w&FR66bV7V76fW'27F&W2vF66'W'( 26F27W7FW.( 2WRrf'v&BF7&VF&ǐw&VBfBf"W22vR6&R7G&rfVW2BW6FrV"VB&VVFW72f7W27W7FW"6W'f6R6''rWB&R6vBFW7G2BRf"VRV&PFf6BF6V66VBGVRF66 VFF6&ƗG( V'6vrF&V7F"T$W6FrWr&GV7G26VFrFRVvVǒ7V66W76gVƖR֖wVRWWvV"6V7FFR&FW6vW g&R&vRBw&VBg&W2f"G26VFrF6WB7&( W"FVFVBVRvv&6&BW"7F&W2@W"7W'Bff6W2FFVƖvBW"7W7FW'2WfW'FC@C