Annual review Specsavers Annual Report LR Proof - Page 36

CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY TRADING ETHICALLY THE SPECSAVERS SUPPLIER CODE OF PRACTICE Specsavers continually strives to develop and promote high standards of social and environmental responsibility. Since 2008, Specsavers suppliers and their subcontractors have been required to operate and be assessed in accordance with our code of practice: Obey all applicable laws Commit to act in accordance with all the relevant laws, regulations and industry standards in the countries in which our suppliers operate. Treat people with dignity & respect Adhere to the following best practices to promote healthy and safe workplaces, where human and civil rights are respected: OUR POSITION OUR PROGRESS OUR PLANS We work to ensure the people who make our In 2017/18: In 2018/19, the Specsavers partnership will: products have safe and healthy workplaces, where human and civil rights are respected. • We remained committed to acting responsibly and • complete a minimum of 31 compliance We also require our suppliers to take the necessary trading ethically, protecting the environment and renewal audits to ensure existing suppliers steps to protect the environment. We are committed ensuring that the people who make our products meet our ethical standards, in addition to to our global ethical trading policy and ensure are safe, healthy and free from human right abuses. initial audits for any new suppliers regular, independent audits of all our major suppliers who do not operate in globally • recognised regulatory environments. We completed 75 supplier audits with our frame, • introduce Modern Slavery Act training for our ophthalmic lens, uniform, unitary and equipment teams, to provide both general guidance and vendors. The audits ensure compliance with our an awareness of associated risks social and environmental standards and adherence • remain transparent in our Modern Slavery Wherever possible, we develop strong, long-term to regulatory requirements, enabling long-lasting relationships with our suppliers so that we can work improvements to be achieved. progress via a more progressive and We published our first Modern Slavery Act engaging publication together towards our vision of providing best value eyecare and hearing care to everyone. • statement, explaining the steps we have taken to ensure that slavery and human trafficking does not Act commitments by sharing our plans and • activity to include risk assessments of product exist in our supply chain. • As part of our approach to global supply chain governance, we mapped areas of risk across all • • provide further clarity on our ethical trading position through the implementation Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected • • Working conditions are safe and hygienic Child labour, forced labour and illegal subcontracting are not used • • • • • Local wage legislation is met or exceeded Working hours are not excessive No discrimination is practised Regular employment is provided No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed Protect the environment Recognise global and environmental responsibilities and take all commercially reasonable steps to safeguard the environment. Specsavers suppliers must be prepared to work towards: • • compliance with recognised environmental standards a commitment to actions that restore and preserve of effective processes and documentation We developed quarterly reporting tools, enabling to support supplier engagement and the Specsavers Executive Committee to review customer requests conserving resources, and recycling materials at every complete an extended review of those stage of the product lifecycle whenever possible slavery and ethical compliance. 34 origin and conflict minerals Employment is freely chosen countries and categories in which we operate. audit results and identify risks in relation to modern • continue the development of our compliance • • • suppliers operating within globally-recognised We supported our functional leaders to embed regulatory environments, to obtain compliance activity into their commercial decision- declarations of conformity the environment • • a commitment to reducing waste and pollutants, development and application of technologies to minimise pollutant emissions • continual assessment of the impact of their products making and ensure a successful audit result is a on the environment and the communities in which prerequisite of vendor-selection processes. they operate 35