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Specsavers’ flagship clinical showcase, the Professional Advancement Conference in the UK, is the largest national event of its kind. More than 2,200 optical and audiology professionals – including 165 optometrists from outside Specsavers - were involved. The programme encouraged delegates to extend their clinical skills not only to transform their patients’ lives, ‘Continuous education is vital in ensuring we offer the best possible care. By systematically improving ourselves, our patients and customers will benefit’. Trine Johnsen, Head of Professional Advancement, Northern Europe but also to expand their own professional aspirations. In all five of our Northern European markets, we raised the bar of professionalism throughout the optometry industry at each country’s conference. This included responding to legislative changes in Norway regarding optometrist assessments of a person’s ability to drive, and holding our second joint clinical conference for optometry and audiology in the Netherlands. In Australia, hundreds of delegates, including record numbers of non-Specsavers practitioners and students, converged at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre for professional development. With a focus on outcome-led optometry and an engaging ophthalmology programme of world-class speakers, the event was complemented by an all-day exhibition A presentation at our biggest seminar in the UK to date. Supporting and developing partners and a series of clinical education sessions. To complement this, we launched a dedicated Pathway ‘I think it’s fantastic that the whole optometry site for each of our markets in Northern Europe to industry is invited to attend the Specsavers provide easier access to programme information. recognising and engaging potential partners of tomorrow, Clinical Conference. All speakers have been Open to partners, stores and regional support team is fundamental to safeguarding our future. of a great standard.’ members, the sites create awareness of opportunities Ingela Gillholm, optometrist in Sweden Inspiring and supporting our partners of today, as well as for those already working at Specsavers who wish to We worked closely with partners to shape the latest become future partners. ‘It’s very nice that we are welcomed by our peers wave of our 2020 Leadership Development programme, and get the opportunity to meet more opticians. now in its second year in the UK and Republic of Ireland. In the UK, we introduced a new audiology career We refined the focus of the programme’s themes, It’s great to feel part of the industry as a whole.’ tool, mapping potential routes from retail assistant updated modules and added an audiology version. The Emilia Falk, optical student in Sweden to audiology clinical lead or partner in support of improvements proved very successful, with 580 partners development options. from across the region participating in the programme. 2017/18 was another successful year for our global We expanded Specsavers Pathway, our in-house series of Specsavers Clinical Conferences, which took development programme for aspiring partners, in place in seven different countries, providing clinical Northern Europe. The increased focus on supporting education to more than 6,500 optical and audiology people through the internal pipeline, from optical practitioners. These events offer high-quality, dispensing to management BVFFVǒ'FW'6FW&7FfRV&rVW"FVW"6WGFr7BV"&W7VFVB#Fvw&GVFW2B32Bf"VRg&7V76fW'26VfW'6FW0FRf76W76VB7FvR7&72FR&VvBFW"GW7G'&fFW'2#FVVvFRv&6BFR7V76fW'26Ɩ66fW&V6R'v#