Annual Reports Annual Report 17-18 - Page 32

Compensation Committee Committee Chair - Rafael Martínez Committee Members - Patricia Garza, Julie Moreira, Verónica Elizondo, Carl Grobien, Michael Adams Goals of the Committee - Ensures that reward policies are aligned to the ASFM strategy, philosophy and practice guidelines. - Ensures that the organizational design is in line with the strategic intent of the ASFM. - Changes to policy governing base pay, incentives, benefit architecture and headcount, should be noted by the Board Compensation Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The Compensation Committee met on multiple occasions during the past school year to carry out its responsibilities and as a result presents the following executive summary. Over the last three years the Committee has been supporting the ASFM strategic vision of developing our students through top quality teaching and innovation. To achieve that, attracting and retaining quality teachers and administration has been a key focus of the School’s administration. During this past school year, ASFM concluded the second year of the implementation of a banded, mission-based salary, compensation and benefits program used with all full time teachers and educational personnel. This year the focus has been on clarifying definitions and expectations of this system with our staff. The Committee has worked hard to align the three year roll-out with our strategic needs and financial capabilities, and has continued to review our compensation structures, expat teacher ratios, and policies as a way to ensure ongoing excellence. School Board